I met Ashleigh at the famers market where I sell my art cards, prints and canvas’s and we got to talking about barns as I have a few images I sell. She said she had a barn I could go and photograph on her farm. I was pretty excited as most barns I have photographed are not in use anymore and are falling apart. Her barn is a working barn with turkeys they are raising, chickens, a few pigs, horses and I’m sure a few other animals I have missed. I also met a very cute barn cat that seemed to take a liking to me and followed me around as I was taking photos.


Ashleigh seems to think the barn was built in the late 1800’s to the early 1900’s. She found a name plate with the name William R. Junkin which I have in the last photo. She thinks that he was the original owner of the farm and thinks the name plate was used on the back of his horse and buggy as a licence plate. Pretty cool to see this old history. As well on the top of the barn is a cow cut out of a piece of wood which seems to point to the farm being used  as a beef ranch. One of the foundation walls has caved in but they are in the process of fixing it up as you can see in one of the images.


Keep checking back as I will be posting her neighbours barn that I photographed as well.


If you are interested in any of these images as a print or canvas please send me a msg at jonfaulknor@gmail.com